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As food is vital to life, automobiles are vital to the movement of life. As more and more people use automobiles for their daily movement, the numbers can only increase. With Current focus shifting to developing economies increasing number of models is being offered to customers. An aftermarket for replacement of bearings in vehicles has increased several folds since road conditions taking a long time to improve in these countries.More than 100 Bearings are used in a vehicle. Most commonly replaced bearings are Wheel Hub, Transmission, Clutch Release, Tensioner, Idler, etc. As such there is a huge Aftermarket that exists where customers are looking for reliable but cost effective solution for the repair of their vehicles.DPI Manufactures over 600 different types of Automotive bearings for Japanese, European, American and Korean manufactured cars. DPI automotive quality is the highest quality in its class.

Featured Product

DPI : For the Replacement market, DPI Automotive Bearings are incresingly Popular for their High Quality and Wide Range of Products of over 600 types of Bearings. We carry an extensive Range of DPI Wheel Hub Bearings Units, DAC Automotive Ball Bearings,  Tapered Roller bearings, Clutch Release Bearings, Tensioner/ Idler Pulley Bearings, Various Automotive Deep Groove Ball bearings, Air Condition Bearings, Steering Bearings, Engine Bearings, Transmission Bearings, Gear Box Bearings, as well as Water Pump Bearings. DPI bearings Range covers all Types of Passenger Vehicles, Light Trucks and Buses and Commercial Transport Vehicles.