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Motor Cycles (2 & 3 Wheeler)

The Motorcycle is the most economical way of personal transportation available to mankind. The numbers of motorcycles worldwide continues to increase especially in developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America. In several countries the motorcycle has been developed into a 3 wheeler version to carry commercial passengers as well as goods.

Wherever there are motorcycles there is a requirement of bearings. Each motorcycle typically requires 20 – 30 bearings built in. Large numbers of bearings are used in motorcycles. All Key rotating parts require such as engine, the transmission and the wheels need good quality bearings. Bearings reduce the friction and ensure motion power is supplied from the engine to the wheels for smooth and comfortable ride with low vibration.


Featured Product

Koyo : Koyo is a market Leader in Motorcycle bearing Applications. It is one of the Largest Suppliers of Bearings to Yamaha and Honda in Japan and several other Global Motorcycle Manufactures in the world. Koyo Ball Bearings are well known in the the Replacement market as High Quality, High Life  and a Superior Product to all other Japanese bearing manufacturers. We carry the complete range of  Deep Groove Ball Bearings used in Motorcycle Bearings which are increasingly being used for both 2 and 3 wheeler Motorcycle Applications. 

DPI : DPI is a market leader in several markets providing high quality bearings at a lower maintenance cost. DPI considers this market segment as a core segment and we continue our pursuit in providing smoother, quieter and safer bearings for all its customers. DPI Deep Groove Ball bearings are increasingly popular in Cycle Rickshaws, 2 Wheel and 3 Wheel Motorcycle Rickshaws (Tuc Tuc) for the replacement requirements.