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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the backbone of DPI Success. Since our inception in 1983 in India, DPI has been manufactured with a No Compromise on Quality Policy. Only the highest quality of raw materials using latest production technology is used to manufacture all DPI Bearings.

In Process Quality Inspection

As the breadth of DPI Range has grown it became necessary to have a very strong In process Inspection process in line with our quality policy for our global production partners for each batch of production. Our Extensive mapping of the entire production process from Raw material to finished product inspection is unrivalled and has set an industry benchmark.

Final Quality Inspection

After production is completed all DPI Bearings undergo strict Inspection at our Global Distribution center in Dubai, UAE. Final Quality inspections are carried out at our State of the Art Testing Laboratory only. Our advanced testing standards together with high-tech equipment’s and measuring instruments help us guarantee our consistent DPI quality standard is received by our customers consistently.

DPI is certified ISO9001:2008 compliant in manufacturing designed standard bearings, inspection, testing, warehousing and supply of DPI bearings.

Our Inspection Procedure

  • •  All Goods are received by us only at Global Distribution Center in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. UAE
  • •  All IPQ Reports are verified along with incoming goods.
  • •  The Following inspections are carried out by us again at our premises to ensure that all DPI bearings received by us follows our unique quality standards
    • •  Visual Inspection
    • •  Dimensional Tolerance checking
    • •  Hardness Testing
    • •  Noise Testing for Ball and Tapered Roller bearings
    • •  Vibration Testing for Ball bearings
    • •  Radial Clearance
  • •  Only after the above inspections are carried out DPI bearings are put for storage in our warehouse.

Lab Pictures