High Precision Spherical Roller Bearings

High Performance Spherical Roller Bearings.
Today technological advances are very rapid and bearing requirements have become more complicated and varied with different working conditions and environments. At the same time all the industries are looking for economical options and the same quality level to have competitive advantage in their products.

DPI Gold Spherical Roller  bearings provide a significant improvement in key operational parameters such as

  1. • Higher Load Bearing Capacity
  2. • Lower Noise
  3. • Lower Vibration
  4. • Lower Heat Generation

All our DPI Gold Spherical Roller Bearings are completely compatible and interchangeable with our standard DPI range of Spherical Roller bearings.
We have dedicated a huge effort in creating DPI Gold Spherical Roller bearings and finally through sound engineering design we have been able to come up with the following improvements

Steel Material: DPI Gold Spherical Roller Bearings uses high quality homogenous with minimum number of inclusions. By choose higher grade of steel from the best available sources of raw material supplier’s results in longer life and better load bearing capacity.

Heat Treatment: We have  incorporated unique heat treatment called Binite Heat Treatment procedures. As a result of this unique heat treatment we can confidently say that these DPI Gold Spherical Roller Bearings are more resistant to operational wear and tear and as such yield a much longer life compared to standard heat treated bearings.

Improved Super-finishing on raceways: All DPI Gold Spherical Bearings have a much higher improved precision in race way and roller finishing. This has resulted in reducing the impact of jerk loads and vibration. This also results in optimized utilization of lubrication and a smoother and longer rotational life.