Super Precision Ball Bearings

With expanding markets requirements our range of DPI Bearings continues to grow every year as we accommodate new items for our customers. Our bearings are used for after-market, replacement requirements and DPI is also now integral part of several OEM Applications.. At the same time several Automotive, Electric Motor, Power Tool and Home appliance which are now part of everyday life have become very competitive and OEMs and manufacturers worldwide are looking for economical options and the same quality level to have competitive advantage.Due to extraordinary demand from our Customers’ OEM clients for high precision Ball bearings for Electric Motor Applications, we are pleased to introduce to
DPI GOLD Super Precision Ball Bearings.

DPI GOLD super precision ball bearings are designed to meet the following requirements:

  1. • Outstanding accuracy and rigidity
  2. • Extremely High rotational speed at high RPM’s
  3. • Silent and smooth running with low run out
  4. • Minimum friction and high temperatures

Product Features and Benefits:

  1. • High accuracy – P6 Precision class Tolerance is maintained with 100% quality checks at each stage of the production process.
  2. • Long life – Super precision grade Balls, cages and raceway grinding along with highest quality of bearing steel materials ensures longer life.
  3. • Low Noise & Vibration – Silent, high speed running at lower temperatures.
  4. • Customization: Various sealing and lubrication option to suit customer requirements.